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Prison Wives: The Forgotten Women In Our community

Having a husband in prison is a stigma in our society. any way it is possible to cope and get straight through this difficult time in your life. Let me help you along the way and give you a few tips.

I myself am a "Prison Wife." My husband has been in the prison principles for the past 22 months. He was first in a minimum safety unit, a place called "The Farm, " with open doors, and no barbed wire. Now, he is in a half-way house, hoping to come back home the summer of 2005.

Womens Health Magazine

The "Prison Wife" is the forgotten one, as she waits at home for her husband. Our community takes care of the sick, the dyimg, the homeless, but the prisoner's wife is alone and forgotten.

Prison Wives: The Forgotten Women In Our community

She is faced with insurmountable,emotional, psychological, social, stigmatization, health problems to face alone, children to take care of. She keeps the household "together," until her husband comes home. She works, pays the bills, pays the mortgage or rent, the car payments, insurances. She takes care of the children, repairs for the house, and just about everything else under the sun. Holidays and birthdays come and go. She is alone and lonely, most often faced with depression.
Most find it difficult to even face someone else day. She lives in hiding because she is afraid the neighbors may find out. So she lies and says he is on a "business" trip, to safe herself...after all, the neighbors would be shocked to know a criminal's wife lives next door to them. And, what does she tell the children? No one wants to let their child play with a criminal's child.

When her husband leaves for prison, the wife goes straight through a duration of "grieving." She goes straight through the same "grieving process" that a widow goes through. The only divergence is that the widow can ultimately move on, while the prison wife cannot. The Prison Wife is a "wife," without a husband. She cannot go out and socialize, and it is difficult to make new friends, as she feels she is being "unfaithful" to her husband.

After a safe bet number of time (months or even years), it is proper in our socity for the widow to step out, and start dating and even re-marry. The Prison Wife who is faithful and dedicated to her husband does not have this option....some women wait years for their man to return...10 , even 20 or more years.

There are close to 2 million prisoners in our country....that makes me wonder just how many wives and loved ones are left behind and forgotten. We think about the prisoner, but never, ever, think about those left behind.....the wives, the children, the mothers, the girlfriends, to name a few. Those loved ones, who did not commit a crime, except the crime of "loving a criminal." They did not commit a crime, and yet they are punished.

When their husband goes to prison, they are not notified by the prison principles where their husbamnd is. I believe there should be some proclamation principles in this country. The wife must sit and wait, until her husband is able to place a acquire call to her.

There should be hold systems in this country for prison wives. There should be follow-up programs for families of the incarcerated, to see how they are coping.

I will now give you some tips on how to get straight through this duration of your life. It is from my own personal experience, and I hope it can help you...........after all, just remember, you are not alone..........there are so many of us out there experiencing the same feelings and emotions...the same problems.

"Ways To Cope"

1. Take one day at a time........Do not think too far in advance. Try to get "through one more day."

2. Plan small projects for each day, and try to reach a goal. For instance, I put all our photos in photo albums, during the first few weeks of my husband's incarceration. When that task was complete, I started cleaning out drawers and closets.

3. originate tour life............I re-organized bills and mail, using folders and envelopes, and I kept logs, writing everything down.

4. Keep pictures of your husband around the house....I had pictures in every room. I even had one posted on the refrigerator door.

5. Join a church group. I started baking cakes for the monthly cake sale. I enjoyed doing it, and felt I was contributing something to society.

6. Get involved...acquire hobbies. Knitting, needle-point, gardening, writing, retention a diary....anything. Just do something, even if you force yourself to do it. As time goes on, it will get easier, and you will begin to enjoy it. I planted an "Angel Garden," surface in the yard, with angel statues, and flowers. I also began writing poetry, stories and letters to the editor. I also began writing a journal, which became a very leading part of my life.

7. Keep in close sense with your husband....Accept phone calls (if you can afford it, as prison phone calls are very expensive), send your husband letters, cards,magazine and newspaper clippings, and computer print-outs of thingd that interest him. Send him pictures (old and new)...Men in prison love to look at pictures from home. It helps them from becoming homesick. My husband has roughly 100 pictures that he keeps in photo albums, and loves to share with the inmates, and show them our house and home. If I change something around in the household,or buy anything new, iI take a photo and send it to him, so he always feels linked to our home. I also take pictures of the pets, the garden, and the cars.

8. Keep a notebook near the phone at all times. Jot down things you want to discuss with your husband when he calls. Remember, those are 15 slight calls, and there is a lot to say in a short duration of time, so get organized beforehand.

9. Cry when you have to, but also try to stay focused. Do not be torn apart by the prison system. You are still a person, and a wife...and you need to be supportive to your husband.

10. Try to stay healthy. Eat right, avoid junk food and alcohol. Exercise. Try walking. After all, you want to be physically fit when your husband comes home!

I hope this report will be of some help to the wives and loved ones of prisoners, as they await their loved one while he is in prison.

Prison Wives: The Forgotten Women In Our community

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10 health Benefits of Black Tea

Black Tea is made from the same plant as green tea and white tea.  Black tea doesn't mean tea without milk, and white tea doesn't mean tea with milk.  The variation is the way the tea leaves are processed after picking.  Green and white teas are hardly processed at all, whereas black tea is fully oxidized.

Here are 10 health benefits of drinking black tea:


1. Studies continue to show that tea is very good for you, and has some breathtaking health properties that cannot be ignored.

10 health Benefits of Black Tea

2. Black teas consist of antioxidants which preclude the damage caused by free radicals which can lead to numerous diseases.

3. Drinking black teas can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as it helps to expand the arteries, which increases blood flow to the heart. 

4. Research has shown the black tea can be used in the fight against cancer.  Properties of the tea slow down the growth of cancerous cells without destroying healthy cells.

5. Tea is also believed to help to delay the aging process.  Nowadays there are many anti aging creams and lotions that consist of tea extracts to help the skin look younger.

6. Drinking black tea can help to burn fat and speed up metabolism.  This makes it an ideal drink for those who are looking to lose weight, or who practice regularly.

7. Drinking tea such as black and green tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol

8. Tea contains fluoride, which can help to preclude tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel.

9. For those population with diabetes, drinking tea can help to decrease glucose levels, which can reduce the risk of cataracts, and other conditions brought about by diabetes.

10. Investigations have shown that the benefits of black tea are lessened when milk is added.   So, in order to take advantage of the breathtaking health benefits of this tea, it's recommended that you don't take your tea with milk or sugar.

There are so many separate loose teas to pick from that you won't get bored. As well as black, why not try white and green tea? Many population don't make these sorts of teas properly, which is why some population don't like loose tea.  By using a tea machine, you can ensure that you are getting the water climatic characteristic and the steeping time right, you can be reassured that you are getting the health benefits of black tea.  

Drinking just 3-5 cups of black tea daily can bring about all these health benefits.  If you drink tea already, why not convert to black or green tea, and see if that improves your health and well being.   By beginning to drink black, green or white tea today, eating healthily, and getting regular exercise, you can dramatically reduce the risks of serious healing conditions. If you're not currently a tea drinker, what are you waiting for?

10 health Benefits of Black Tea

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Causes of Dog health Problems Bloody Stool Issues

Melena is the estimate one cause of dog health problems bloody stool issues. Melena and hematochezia cause the dog to have bloody stool. Melena is blood that the dog digested, and looks dark in color. Hematochezia is carefully fresh blood in the stool and is carefully minor compared to melena. Many health reasons supervene in a bloody stool and most tests by a veterinarian will confirm the problem.

This health problem causes a lack of power and sometimes incontinence, as accidents happen due to the inability to move outdoors quickly. By restricting food, the dog will at last stop the diarrhea and give the intestines time to heal. If the diarrhea results from infection or parasite, the problem will persist until proper curative is received. This health affects all sizes and breeds of dogs no matter what you do to forestall it.


Causes of Dog health Problems Bloody Stool Issues

Causes of Dog health Problems Bloody Stool Issues

Medications, infections, cancer and foreign objects digested by the dog. A metabolic disorder or hemorrhagic gastro enteritis may cause a dog to have a bloody stool. Some heavy metal or blood ingestion and gastrointetestinal ischemia are all causes of melena in dogs. Metabolic diseases cause ulcers of the stomach or intestines and can supervene from many separate causes. If your dog health problems bloody stool issues arise with such signs as pale gums, frequent urination and thirst, lack of appetite and weight loss are all signs of problems along with dark black stools.

If the dog continues to have diarrhea for more than twenty-four hours, curative rehabilitation is required. The first thing you can try is a bland diet of rice and potato instead of their quarterly food. This may help, but in case it does not, you may need to have a veterinarian determine the cause.

Diagnosis and rehabilitation of Dog Melena

When you observation black or dark colored stools, you need to palpate the vet for further tests. These tests will contain urinalysis, a biochemical work up, stool sample diagnosis, blood work up, ultrasound and chest/abdominal x-rays. After these tests are concluded, the vet will determine the exact cause of the dog health problems bloody stool issues and discuss rehabilitation with you.

If the dog does not have a severe health condition, they may be treated at home instead of an overnight stay at an animal clinic. A extra diet of a bland diet that is specified by the vet and any medications prescribed by the veterinarian need to be dealt with at home in order to treat the dog health problem bloody stool issues. In most cases, medications are needed to block stomach acids and coat the intestines. If you do not see any improvement, you need to palpate the vet for further treatments. .

Get rehabilitation for your dog if this problem persists and stick to a literal, diet and medication program for proper rehabilitation of a sick dog. The dog will need fullness of rest and a calm environment in order to heal and come back to health.

Causes of Dog health Problems Bloody Stool Issues

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Prostate Milking - health Danger or the greatest Male Orgasm?

Looking to growth your male orgasm intensity by 400% and have it last up to 5 minutes? If so, then prostate milking may be for you.

Prostate milking has in fact "exploded" into mainstream culture in the last few years as men are discovering the satisfaction of looking out about their "male g-spot" and the potential condition benefits from a prostate milking.


The prostate is a tiny gland found in men and is a requisite part of their reproductive system. It is about the size of a walnut and is settled underneath the bladder and just in front of the rectum. Its function is to help in the manu­facture of semen. Semen is the milky colored fluid that transports sperm from the testicles through your penis when you ejaculate.

Prostate Milking - health Danger or the greatest Male Orgasm?

While the prostate's customary function is to help in the manufacturing of semen, it is also becoming known as a sexual gland for men. Typically we join together the penis as the only male sex organ but for many men the prostate is their key to sexual satisfaction. Not surprising, the prostate is swiftly becoming know as the "male g-spot". Men of all ages, races and sexual orientations are now studying about the sexual and condition benefits related with prostate milking.

Milking of the prostate gland is commonly safe for all wholesome males, however serious condition dangers can corollary in men with sure prostate and condition conditions or even in men with wholesome prostates if the prostate milking is performed incorrectly.

This procedure be carried out by your physician or healing practitioner as an efficient rehabilitation for lasting prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (Bph). This procedure can help to drain the highly painful build up of seminal fluid in men with a chronically inflamed prostate. While useful for some individuals,prostate milking it is Not advisable for men with acute prostatitis as a prostate milking may for allow the prostate infection to spread to other parts of the body.

Other potential serious condition dangers from male milking could be Fournier's gangrene, blood poisoning,the exchange of prostate cancer to other parts of the body or hemorrhoidal flare up.

One of the most foremost area's of concern in doing a prostate massage yourself is to apply a minimum number of pressure. The maximum number of pressure you should apply would be equal to the number of pressure you would rub your eye with. Applying to much pressure during the milking could lead to some of the above mentioned condition dangers.

If the prostate is full of fluid and stimulated through this feel it may cause you to ejaculate but with out the penis being aroused. These prostate orgasms are commonly much more intense and of considerably longer period than a approved ejaculation.

If you have any concerns about this type of action make sure to consult your physician or healing practitioner before proceeding.

Prostate Milking - health Danger or the greatest Male Orgasm?

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How to Look Like a Male Fitness Model and Attract Women

The Male Fitness Model...More absorbing To Women Than The Bodybuilder Look

Bodybuilders are such a touchy bunch. There are probably a incorporate of guys experiencing "roid rage" right now! I know that most bulky guys look at male fitness models and think that they are wimpy. You see many bodybuilders are under the impression that everyone wants to be as big and strong as them. They see a guy who is lifting lighter weights and doing cardio as person who isn't as thriving in the gym as them. They mistakenly believe that bigger muscles equates to being more absorbing to women. Nothing could be added from the truth!

Womens Health Magazine

Male Fitness Models Are Built Like Hollywood Sex Symbols

How to Look Like a Male Fitness Model and Attract Women

How many male sex symbols are huge and buff? Do you think any of the current Hollywood sex symbols can bench press over 400 pounds? What about stars like Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Jamie Fox, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Daniel Craig (the new James Bond), etc. Women are attracted to men with average builds, but with great muscle tone. How many men who star in Soap Operas are huge and buff? The reply is that with very rare exceptions, it pays to have a lean muscle build...not a bulky bodybuilder type look.

Male Fitness Models Have To Workout Harder Than Bodybuilders

Lifting weights and bulking up is Much easier than burning body fat and getting lean. I don't care how big you know it's true! To get big, you just lift with a high volume of lifts and progressively increase the weight over time. You don't have to be on a exact diet and you don't have to hit cardio hard. To get lean, you have to lift to articulate your muscle mass, you have to watch what you eat, and you have to hit cardio like a maniac. The reckon you see very few guys in the gym with "six pack abs" is that getting lean is tough work.

A easy arrival to Leaning Down if You Are Bulky

Getting that lean look is indubitably simple, but not easy. If you are kind of bulky right now and need to lean down you just need to do a few things:

1) perform Intense Cardio At Least 4-5 Times Per Week for 30-45 Minutes

2) Multiply Your Body Weight by 12. The whole You Get Will Be The Total Maximum whole Of calories You Are Allowed To Eat Each Day...Aim for Less If Possible

3) Quit Obsessing Over Strength

4) Quit Obsessing Over Protein Consumption

5) When In Doubt, Cut Back on Lifting And increase Cardio

6) You Will See "Six Pack Abs" When You Get Lean Enough. Don't Go Overboard With Crunches and Ab Movements. Cardio is Your mark To a Six Pack.

Quit Trying To Impress Guys In The Gym...The Goal Is To Impress Women

When you are hitting cardio hard and limiting your calories, you won't get as big of a pump as you are used to. You will also most likely lose a bit of strength. The big and strong guys in the gym command respect from all the other guys in the gym. I made the decision that it was more prominent for me to be physically absorbing to women, then it was to impress the other gym rats. I aimed to get a physique similar to Matthew McConaughey and haven't looked back since. I don't care if the guys in my gym think that Matthew McConaughey is a wimp...women drool over this guy.

Aim for The Male Fitness Model Look and Don't Look Back!

How to Look Like a Male Fitness Model and Attract Women

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Best Shopping cart solution New Buyer's Guidebook

Best Shopping cart solution New Buyer's Guidebook

The way to get the correct Cart on your own With many different functions and various models of shopping carts, it might often be difficult to get the right selection for you plus your distinctive demands. Personal shopping carts are classified as the newest trend amongst seniors, parents and as well adults. They've captured on massive with members coming from all ages as a result of suppleness and luxury they bring to your day-to-day home and shopping tasks. This article will offer you a report on the important thing functions consider just before purchasing your shopping cart software package.

Shopping Cart Characteristics

Unique methods of shopping carts appear daily with a lot of features together with benefits to form life busy easier. In case you analyse all of the snap-on cup holders, purse pouches, and doggy seats, you're still obtaining the key features to enhance if you're shopping: the wheels, the grip handles as well as the shopping baskets.


Current shopping carts routinely have 2 wheel design styles. To the reasons such as this informative guide, let's call the initial "Wheelie Design". The particular Wheelie Layout as a rule have an accumulation 4, plastic-type or rubberized wheels. A corner wheels will probably be bigger than the leading ones simply because might be doing a lot of the function. Shopping cart software using this type of wheels was made to be "wheeled" or tilted back on its rear wheels for flow. The top wheels mostly are for assistance and don't turn or rotate as being a standard steel grocery cart.

The subsequent design of wheel layout we shall dub "The Sniveler". The specific sniveler design is fairly just like the kinds you see in a local supermarket. Nevertheless, the wheels on individual shopping carts are usually lighter and much better to move. Carts using this type of wheel design can have four rubber wheels: two static rear wheels and a couple of front swiveling wheels. This specific wheel design allows a cart for being far more flexible in addition to maneuverable. I suggest this kind of shopping cart application to some person with back problems or other ailments. Swiveling front wheels consider the anxiety off your back and arms, delivering excellent comfort and flexibility usually when you use your shopping cart. The most effective shopping carts out there together with swiveling wheels could be the Bag Buddy Collapsible Cart.

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Bras and the Breast Cancer Cover-Up

"Whom can you trust when your culture is the biggest enemy of your health? Can you trust your culture's foremost authorities? Can you trust your culture's government? Can you trust your culture's hidden industry?"

We asked those questions in 1995, at the end of our book, Dressed To Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras. Before writing our book, we sent details of our explore to the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, President's Cancer Panel, American Women's curative Association, National society for Women, National Women's health Network, and National Women's health reserved supply Center. There was no response. Not one. Given the lack of interest, we decided to issue our findings in a book, getting the data directly to the women who needed to hear it.

Womens Health Magazine

But are women getting the message?

Bras and the Breast Cancer Cover-Up

It has been 12 years since our book was first published. Over that time, more than 500,000 women in the Us alone have died from breast cancer, with someone else 2,000,000 having been diagnosed with this terrible disease -- a disease that is in most cases preventable by naturally loosening up or eliminating the bra. And yet, this lifesaving data has been actively suppressed and censored by the curative and lingerie industries.

Examples of Suppress and Censorship

A large public relations firm in New York City was willing and eager to help us issue this data to the public. "My wife just had breast cancer, and I'm sure you are right," the head of the firm confessed. A big media notification and celebration were planned. Days later, however, the firm withdrew its offer to help, stating that one of their clients, a large curative center, objected to their working with us.

A Sydney, Australia public relations firm agreed to help publicize our work when we were doing outreach efforts in their country. But it, too, reversed itself. We had asked if they had any conflicts of interest, such as lingerie commerce clients. They said they had none. But as it turned out, they did recite a pharmaceutical enterprise that makes a breast cancer treatment drug, and the arresting of breast cancer and its treatment are in conflict, they explained.

The Intimate Apparel Council (which is the Us trade connection for the multi-billion dollar bra industry) threatened our publisher, Avery Publishing Group, with a lawsuit if Dressed To Kill was released. The publisher said the publicity would help spread the word. The lawsuit never materialized.

After the book was released, the Nbc television news show, Dateline, was concerned in doing a story on our work. We were extensively interviewed by a skeptical reporter who became a supporter. The story was then right away terminated. The producer confidentially explained that the procedure of general Electric, which owns Nbc, is to avoid airing news stories that can adversely impact on other Ge interests. As it happens, Ge is a maker of mammography machines.

Women's magazines, such as Glamour, Self, and others, ran primary stories condemning our work, and looking "experts" to encourage women to continue wearing bras. Elle magazine planned a unavoidable story about the bra/cancer link, but was coerced into pulling the story by bra advertisers. In discrete newspapers colse to the world, such as the Guardian in the Uk, stories were pulled prior to publication because of fear that they may "panic the public", including their lingerie advertisers.

The British Fashion Council (which is the Uk's equivalent of the Intimate Apparel Council) published the Breast health Handbook in 1996 to oppose our efforts. They announced the formation of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Foundation, which was to receive donations from bra sales to fund genetic explore into breast cancer. The book criticized our work, claiming, "The idea that wearing a bra encourages cancer by trapping toxins was recently put forward by researchers at the produce for Culturogenic Studies (sic) in Hawaii. Researchers from more august establishments right away dismissed it as claptrap." Without any curative evidence or research, the book informs women that wearing bras is a health necessity, and should be worn as early in life as inherent to prevent breast damage.

Our customary publisher, Avery, was purchased by giant Penguin Putnam in 1998. The new publisher did not list the book for three years and refused to revert publication rights to the copyright holders, Singer and Grismaijer. The book was virtually unavailable, and it was concept to have gone out of print. Finally, after repeated requests, the publishing rights were released to us in October, 2001. (Iscd Press has been keeping it in print since then.)

A television documentary was produced in the year 2000 by Channel 4 in the Uk, called, Bras- The Bare Facts. In the documentary, 100 women with fibrocystic breast disease went bra-free for 3 months to document the effect on breast cysts and pain. Two foremost British breast surgeons conducted the study. The results were astounding, and clearly demonstrated that the bra is a serious health hazard. We were interviewed for the schedule to discuss the bra/cancer connection, which was carefully highly plausible and foremost by the doctors interviewed. Some theorized that, in expanding to lymphatic impairment, the bra could also cause cancer by overheating the breasts. The documentary made newspaper headlines in British Commonwealth countries throughout the world, but no mention of it was made at all in the Us. The following day, headlines in the U.K. Tried to suppress fears of the bra/cancer link, and the doctors in the study speedily distanced themselves from the cancer issue, telling women to continue wearing bras. Their explore for the documentary was supposed to be published in a curative journal, but never was. And no further explore ever materialized to follow-up on their work, which they said they would do. whole news coverage of the schedule was ready on the Internet soon after it aired, but most articles were removed shortly thereafter.

No follow-up studies have been done to refute or confirm our research. None. While a Harvard study, published in the European Journal of Cancer in 1991, discovered that bra-free women have a lower rate of breast cancer, the results were not central to the explore they were conducting and were carefully unimportant and not followed-up. In fact, apart from our first 1991-93 Bra and Breast Cancer Study, discussed in information in Dressed To Kill, and our follow-up explore in Fiji, discussed in our book, Get It Off!, there are still no other studies on the bra/cancer link. Not even a letter or discussion of the issue can be found in any curative journal. After decades of breast cancer research, the bra is still wholly ignored as even being a inherent factor for consideration. It's like studying foot disease and ignoring shoes.

Keeping the public Mystified

This lack of research, and the effect ignorance, are then used by cancer organizations to by comparison further suppression of the issue. As the American Cancer community states on its website, (ignoring the Harvard study), "There are no scientifically valid studies that show a correlation between wearing bras of any type and the occurrence of breast cancer. Two anthropologists made this connection in a book called Dressed To Kill. Their study was not conducted agreeing to accepted system of epidemiological explore and did not take into consideration other variables, including known risk factors for breast cancer. There is no other, credible explore to validate this claim in any way." And they don't seem concerned in funding any such studies in the near future, either. There are other organizations that are similarly primary of the bra/cancer link for lack of explore evidence, while at the same time discouraging any explore on the subject.

Of particular interest is when breast cancer organizations antagonistic to the issue sound the bra/cancer link to be "misinformation" or a "myth", without any scientific study supporting their claims. They say bras are foremost for women to wear for support, without any evidence showing bras are safe or necessary. They then encourage regular mammograms, cancer arresting drug therapy (not realizing that "prevention therapy" is an oxymoron), and even prophylactic mastectomies (which means that those who are high risk for breast cancer but who don't want to get it can have their breast removed as a arresting strategy). Of course, it is good to remove the bra instead of the breasts, but bra removal is not a billable procedure.

Keep in mind that bras have been related with other health problems, such as headaches, dullness in the hands, backache and other postural problems, cysts, pain, skin depigmentation, and more. And lymphatic blockage, which is the effect of bra constriction, has already been related with discrete cancers. Clearly, the bra/cancer link needs further research, while women take the precaution of loosening up.

Why the resistance?

What harm could there be in following our easy advice, or in even researching this issue? Why the defensive reaction?

There are three reasons:

1. The bra commerce fears class performance lawsuits. Many insiders have admitted to us that for years the commerce suspected underwires were causing cancer. They know that tight bras cause cysts and pain. It is only a matter of time until a lawsuit is made against a bra manufacturer. As a defense, the commerce is shifting the blame to the customer, claiming that most women are wearing their bras too tightly, and should get professional fittings. (How do you get a properly fitted push-up bra?) Breaking ranks with their commerce peers, and trying to capitalize on the bad news, are some bra manufacturers that now offer newly patented bras claiming to mitigate the damage, including cancer, caused by conventional bras.

2. The curative commerce is production billions each year on the detection and treatment of breast cancer. As mentioned above, there is a disagreement between the arresting and the treatment of disease, especially if the arresting does not include drugs or surgery. The fact is that our treatment-focused, profit-oriented curative system is production a killing treating this disease, and has billions to lose if breast cancer goes out of fashion along with bras.

In addition, the bra issue will revolutionize the breast cancer field, embarrassing many researchers. Breast cancer explore to date that has ignored the bra issue is seriously flawed as a result, which is why the "experts" are still unable to by comparison the cause of over 70% of all breast cancer cases. vocation cancer researchers who have ignored the bra issue will have to admit this fatal flaw in their work, which they are not inclined to admit in their lifetimes.

3. Finally, there is the dogmatic, fearful resistance from some women who find their personal identity so related to their bras that they would rather risk cancer than be bra-free (which some women have indeed told us.) Women are cultural entities, and so long as our culture scorns a natural bustline, many women will submit to the pain, red marks and indentations, cysts, and even the threat of cancer rather than face inherent public ridicule (which never indeed happens.)

There are also women who believe the myth that bras will prevent droopy breasts. The bra commerce admits this is a myth, while it still promotes it to improve sales. In fact, bras cause breasts to droop, as the breasts become dependent on the bra for sustain and the natural supportive mechanisms atrophy from non use.

Despite the resistance, however, some women have gotten the message. And many health care professionals, who have also suspected bras for years, are now spreading that message. As women hear the news and search for that eliminating the bra also eliminates cysts and pain, the news further spreads by word of mouth.

There are now thousands of websites on this subject, many from health care professionals including curative doctors, naturopathic doctors, osteopathic doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, lymphatic specialists, nutritionists, and others who care about women and helping end this epidemic. Grassroots efforts to keep this data alive and spreading have supplanted the customary curative explore approach, which has disqualified itself for lack of interest and disagreement of interest.

When a disease is caused by the culture and its habits, attitudes, fashions and industries, there is bound to be resistance to change. Industries that contribute to disease will be defensive, and industries that behalf from disease will be conflicted. However, the truth has a way of getting out, despite the resistance and suppression. Thank Goodness the truth does have a way of getting out.

Bras and the Breast Cancer Cover-Up

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